Thursday, 1 November 2007

The Idea Becomes More Concrete

Despite of Kurt Reinke's self-convinced and unobjective way of representing the subject matter in his Book "Yachtbau", I almost think a 10 m aluminum yacht with ASY-twin-keels might be the right decision for me and our tide-dependent home-waters with dry-falling marinas.
I am going to order study plans . 

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Idea to Build a Boat

Around my 50th Birthday I came up with the idea to ​​build a boat. I was thinking of a sailing boat, a nice yacht, not too small - about 10 to 12 meter long. I then began to look into books and studied among others the book "Yachtbau" by Kurt Reinke. The book should be a technical book. It contains much valuable information and I learned a lot from it. But the book is at times also unobjective and even polemical. The reader quickly realize that Kurt Reinke was not a gifted writer but a yacht designer - a self-convinced yacht designer!
His messages are:
  1. Forget the self-construction of your sailing yacht. Rely on special adapted do-it-yourself constructions of experienced designers.
  2. A sailing yacht must be made of steel or aluminum and come with ASY-twin-keels.
  3. A seagoing yacht should not be insubmersibel.