Wednesday 11 May 2016

Lining the Engine Shaft Continued

For lining the shaft opening I cut some pluggable plywood boards. I described it in my Post of February. Now the pluggable plywood boards were glued in place, the hollow space has been filled with foam "VOSSCHEMIE UNIZELL-SCHAUM HR-AT" and covered by a plywood board cut from cockpit floor opening. The T-shaped opening has been covered with fibreglass and all corners were filled with epoxy-fillets. Afterwards I primered the shaft with EPIFANES EPOXY PRIMER.

Left: Plywood boards were glued in place. Centre: Hollow space has been filled with foam. Right: Foam surface planed by using a oscillating saw

Left: Foam surface covered by a plywood board. Centre: Edges of the T-shaped opening rounded. Right: T-shaped opening covered with fibreglass and corners filled with epoxy-fillets

Left: Surface sanded. Centre: Outboard mount glued in place. Right: Primered

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Scoop Filled and Primered

Scoop after filling with YACHTCARE HIGH BUILD EPOXY FILLER followed by WEST EPOXY plus filler type 410 

Scoop after 2nd time filled with WEST EPOXY plus filler type 410 

Scoop after primered with EPIFANES EPOXY PRIMER