Sunday 6 April 2014

Video: Planking A Hull Segment

Planking Hull Segment From Bulkhead G To I

12 steps for planking of a hull segment
  1. Mark areas to be planed by a straightedge and a piece of chalk.
  2. Fairing stringers by a plane. For fairing the bulkheads it is more recommend to use a belt sander.
  3. Clamp a suitable piece of plywood board to the hull.
  4. Mark the boundaries of stringers and bulkheads on the inner side of the plywood board.
  5. Remove the plywood board from the hull, cutting-out the outer shape (don't forget the surplus for the scarfing joint) and drill the screw holes.
  6. Put the plywood board again to the hull and fix it by some screws.
  7. Mill the joint for the radius segment. I use a motor plane. Works better than a router.
  8. Remove the plywood board again for milling the scarfing joint.
  9. Flow-coat the inner side with epoxy.
  10. Coat stringers and bulkheads with epoxy. First thin with a paint roller, then thick with a notched trowel.
  11. Put the panel back to the hull and screw it tight.
  12. Remove out-swelling epoxy.