Saturday 21 May 2011

Bulkhead B

Bulkhead B was made up from restovers. First I have been joined five small plywood pieces. After the epoxy has been hardened I cut out the bulkhead.
Arranged the restovers.
Scarfed and milled joints.  

Transfering the measurements from the offset table to the ply.
Bulkhead has been cut out and sanded

Thursday 5 May 2011

Bulkhead C

Bulkhead C was made up from two pieces to reduce cut-off. The pieces were scarfed between the doublers. I glued scarfing and doublers in one work step. That was not a good idea. After the resin had set I saw a gap between scarfing and doubler. SH...T!

I better should first scarfing, afterwards planning and only then glueing the doublers. I fixed the mishap by widen the gaps using a Multimaster saw. Afterwards I filled the gaps with epoxy resin.