Sunday 26 April 2015

Filling the Hull

For a first attempt I filled the starboard aft hull. I used YACHTCARE HIGH BUILD EPOXY FILLER. The handling was easy and went off without making stains. But the result looks different to what the promotion video shows. 
The reason is probably the very rough surface due to the removed peel ply. It sucks all the filler on. Maybe a second layer is required.
Starboard aft has been filled with YACHTCARE HIGH BUILD EPOXY FILLER

Friday 24 April 2015

Crafting the Pocket for the Teflon Glide Block

Into the forward bottom edge of the keel foil slot a Teflon glide block has to be fitted.

I machined the required pocked by using a BOSCH oscillating multi-tool

To cover the pocket surface with glass fabric I used a wood block as mould. The mould block is wrapped with plastic-foil in order to be removed after the epoxi has set.
In a last step all is faired and covered with a epoxy-copper mixture

Monday 6 April 2015

Stern Laminated

The fiberglass fabric has been cut and tacked.

The fiberglass fabric has been epoxy
impregnated and covered with release fabric.

The following day the release fabric was removed and the edges were reinforced with fiberglass fabric.

Edges and irregularities of the inner scoop-surface puttied