Tuesday 28 July 2015

Building the Cabintop

For building the cabintop I couldn't relate on Dudley Dix's drawings, because I changed the hight to gain more headroom. Therefore I fitted the panels step by step to the bulkheads. In order to get harmonic bending curves I used 20x20 mm² spline-battens. Before glueing I aligned and fixed the panels with help of nail-plates.

Illustration of building the cabintop in five steps

In a first step the roof panel has been glued over the bulkheads. The 20x20 mm² spline-battens helped to achieve a harmonic bending of the panel. 
In a second step the side panel was fixed with nail-plates temporarily. Another spline-batten was used to define the chine curve.

After cutting the chine curve the panel was glued and fixed with nail-plates until the epoxi has set.

Cabintop after step 4 has been accomplished

Cabintop after step 5 has been accomplished

Thursday 2 July 2015


It is clear and obvious that I achieve more in summer than in winter.
In summer I can work longer in the evening due to the longer daylight.
In winter the progress is slowed down by low temperatures and darkness in the evenings.
Now that I've already worked more than 1,500 hours on the boat, I wanted to determine the difference between summer and winter times quantitatively.

It turns out:
  • From September to April I worked on average 23 hours per month.
  • From May to August I worked on average 46 hours per month.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Deck and Cabin under Progress

Since my last post I worked 64 hours but the visible progress is not that giant.
But I've done a lot.
I filled the scoop, painted the aft stowages, worked on the cockpit, scarfed deck stringers, started closing the deck and the cabin.


Working time been invested: 1566 hours