Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Building the Cabintop

For building the cabintop I couldn't relate on Dudley Dix's drawings, because I changed the hight to gain more headroom. Therefore I fitted the panels step by step to the bulkheads. In order to get harmonic bending curves I used 20x20 mm² spline-battens. Before glueing I aligned and fixed the panels with help of nail-plates.

Illustration of building the cabintop in five steps

In a first step the roof panel has been glued over the bulkheads. The 20x20 mm² spline-battens helped to achieve a harmonic bending of the panel. 
In a second step the side panel was fixed with nail-plates temporarily. Another spline-batten was used to define the chine curve.

After cutting the chine curve the panel was glued and fixed with nail-plates until the epoxi has set.

Cabintop after step 4 has been accomplished

Cabintop after step 5 has been accomplished

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