Saturday 3 May 2014

12 Steps for Planking A Radius Segment

Planking the radius segments is more difficult than expected. I thought the bow radius segments should be the most difficult ones because of their small radii. But it turned out that the midships segments were the most challenging. But by use of sufficient force and plenty of screws I have been mastered the task.

Reasons for my trouble:
  1. I wanted planking the radius segments between two bulkheads with a single sheet of ply.
  2. I wanted scarfing the segment joints.
Most other self builders make it easier. They planking the radius segments with narrow ply strips of about 30 cm width and do it without scarfed joints.

But now in retrospect I would do it my way again if I would build another ship.

Bulkhead and Stringers are prepared for planking.
The radius section to be planked is covered by a piece of plywood of sufficient area and temporary fixed by 3x16 mm screws. Then the positions of bulkheads and stringers are marked from inside the hull to the ply.

After the piece of plywood has been removed again, the surplus for the scarfing joint, the overlap for the tangent stringers and the drilling holes for the screws are marked.
the prepared piece of plywood is flow-coated with epoxi

The hull-side scarfing joint is prepared. First roughly by using a hand-plane ...

... followed by using a belt sander

Stringers and bulkheads are coated with epoxy. First thin with a paint roller, ...

... then thick with a notched trowel.

Small metal latches are temporarily bolted to the hull to hold the radius segment in position until it is screwed in place

The radius segment is positioned ... 

... and then screwed in place

Done. The latches can be removed again. The screws are removed, before the second radius layer is applied.