Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Lining the Engine Shaft Continued

For lining the shaft opening I cut some pluggable plywood boards. I described it in my Post of February. Now the pluggable plywood boards were glued in place, the hollow space has been filled with foam "VOSSCHEMIE UNIZELL-SCHAUM HR-AT" and covered by a plywood board cut from cockpit floor opening. The T-shaped opening has been covered with fibreglass and all corners were filled with epoxy-fillets. Afterwards I primered the shaft with EPIFANES EPOXY PRIMER.

Left: Plywood boards were glued in place. Centre: Hollow space has been filled with foam. Right: Foam surface planed by using a oscillating saw

Left: Foam surface covered by a plywood board. Centre: Edges of the T-shaped opening rounded. Right: T-shaped opening covered with fibreglass and corners filled with epoxy-fillets

Left: Surface sanded. Centre: Outboard mount glued in place. Right: Primered

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