Monday, 18 August 2014

Keel Fillet

The Dudlex Dix design requires to reinforce the 12 mm thick backbone with 300 g/m² fibreglass fabric over an epoxy fillet on the inside of the hull.
I decided to make my TRÄHOLM  more robust. The thickness of TRÄHOLM's backbone is 20 mm and the fillet is covered with two layers 187 g/m² fibreglass fabric.



Keel Construction Detail

The hull has been coated with biaxial fibreglass of 600 g/m² weight. Steerboard and portside  coating overlap the keel by about 10 cm. Additionally the keel has been coated with one layer 187 g/m² fabric of 150 mm width and an additional layer 187 g/m² fabric of 75 mm width. Inside of the hull the keel-backbone has been reinforced with an high density epoxy fillet and two layers 187 g/m² fabric.

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